Dan coming out of the white room after a big toe side turn in the Madarao Mountain back bowls

Really sorry about the lack of reporting. There has been so much incredible riding it has been hard to do the snow reports as time is short

Over the last three days we have had really consistent temperatures at -6 to -8 degrees C and around a meter of snow. The riding has been nothing short of perfection and we have found a whole heap of back country runs we never knew existed.

Madarao is really a perfect resort for beginners and intermediates with gentle groomers, intermediate groomers with meters of pow on the sides to learn how to ride in pow in an easy way and you won't get stuck. Where most resorts fall over is the lack of advanced terrain and Madarao has this in spades. In resort the steepest runs are around 34 degrees which is not super steep but the challenge anti is upped by the extensive tree runs. In the back country the stakes are even higher with significantly steeper terrain, totally untracked pow heaven trees that range from tight to wide open and much of it faces north ensuring snow quality remains super high days after the last storm. We know of no resort with this much terrain so easily and safely accessed. Of course you still need all the right gear beacon, shovel and probe to ride out there safely and we also ride with avalanche airbag packs to increase safety even further but unlike so many resorts navigation is very easy once you know where to go. It is truly a paradise for advanced riders.

If you do want to get into the back country the best bet is to do an avalanche safety course so you have the skills to play safely. When you come to Madarao go on a tour with North Nagano Outdoor Sports. They will show you the back bowls of Madarao and make sure you are safe when out there. Once you have done that the mountain is yours to play on. Please don't go out there without gear. Even though navigation is easy there are some areas that are prone to avalanche and you need to be riding with the right people. You know the ones. Fun but also want to come back home for apres by the fire at the chalet.

Today's pic Dan exploring the white room in the back bowls...

Posted on Mon 11 January 2021