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While Snowball Chalet is a relatively easy 2 hour trip from Tokyo, there are various travel options. Which happens when you have 40 million people in the closest city metropolis and one of the best transport systems in the world. Here's the lowdown...

Airport Options

N’EX (Narita Express) Airport

¥4,000 adult, ¥2,000 child
Valid: return trip within 14 days
Purchase: only at the airport
Good for: trips of 14 days or less
Trip time: approx. 1 hour

Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

Trains depart from Tokyo Station but also stop at Ueno Station.
Trains are direct from Tokyo to Iiyama. Other trains (not listed) require changes.
Buses meet most trains arriving into Iiyama – see the bus section for details.
The 6.04pm train has a longer bus wait. The 8.12pm train has no connecting bus.
Hire cars at Iiyama:
Taxis are also available at the station, although not guaranteed late at night
This Iiyama hotel is a 10 minute walk from the station:
The following is a guide only. Confirm details at:

Nagano Shuttle Bus

Transfers between Narita and Haneda airports
Bookings online (best to book in advance)
Operates 26 Dec 2017 – 25 Feb 2018
1. Departs Narita: 9.15am, arrives 2.45pm, ¥11,000
2. Departs Narita: 12.00pm, arrives 5.30pm, ¥11,000
3. Departs Narita): 3.00pm, arrives 8.30pm, ¥11,750
A bus also operates 21 Dec–11 Mar departing 8.30pm, arriving Madarao Kogen Hotel at 1.15am. Unfortunately we are unable to pick up guests from the hotel at 1.15am.
Narita to Madarao:
Haneda to Madarao:
Madarao to Narita:

Myoko Shuttle Bus

Transfers between Narita and Haneda airports
Bookings must be made 7 days in advance
Operates 23 Dec 2017 – 11 Mar 2018, ¥12,000
Departs Narita: 10am, arrives Myoko Kogen 3pm
Departs Myoko Kogen 4.15pm, arrives Madarao Kogen Hotel 4.45pm

Tokyo - Madarao Bus

Bus from Ikebukuro and Shinjuku that travels irregularly, generally on weekends and public holidays.
Day: ¥9,000 return

Night: ¥10,000 return

Rail Passes

JR Nationwide Pass

Good for: lots of long distance travelValid: 1 to 3 weeks
¥59,350, kids 6-11 50% off – 21 days (¥65,000 in Japan)
¥46,390, kids 6-11 50% off – 14 days (¥52,000 in Japan)
¥29,110, kids 6-11 50% off – 7 days (¥33,000 in Japan)
Purchase: before arrival or in Japan

Hokuriku Arch Pass
Good for: Tokyo>Madarao (Iiyama)>Kanazawa>Tokyo (but 7 days only)
¥24,000, kids 6-11 50% off (¥25,000 in Japan)
Valid: 7 consecutive days
Purchase: before arrival or in Japan
General info:
Hokuriku Arch Pass site:
Purchase in Australia:

JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass
Good for: Tokyo>Madarao>Fuji>Nikko>Airport
¥17,000, kids 6-11 50% off (¥18,000 in Japan)
Valid: any 5 days within a 14-day period
Purchase: before arrival or in Japan

Tokyo Wide Pass
Good for: Tokyo day trips (eg. Fuji, Nikko, Kamakura)
¥10,000, kids 6-11 50% off
Valid: 3 consecutive days
Purchase: in Japan > airports/major stations

Other Passes
Mt Fuji region, 3 days:
Takayama Hokuriku, 5days:
Kansai Hokuriku, 7 days:
Kansai Hiroshima, 5 days:

Buses - Madarao & Surrounds

Other Transport Resources

Train Planner:
Distance Buses:


Posted on Wed 29 November 2017


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