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Back country touring in Madarao

Backcountry Madarao

Madarao has some of the most spectacular fall line backcountry in Japan. With short hikes and perfect snow this is a must do for advanced skiers and boarders who want a safely guided experience of a lifetime, offered by born and bred “Mr Madarao” himself, Aki Kitamura

Snowshoe touring in Madarao

Snowshoe Tour

Madarao has some stunning pristine wilderness and there is no better way to see it than snowshoeing through the forest. The winters are quiet and serene and if you get lucky you may see the elusive Kamoshika (a kind of goat-antelope!).

Madarao No Yu Onsen in the snow

Madarao no Yu Onsen

The relaxation attained from soaking in an onsen (natural hot spring) is like nothing else. Spend the day on the ski hill and the afternoons soaking weary bones. Madarao No Yu is the real Japan.

Snowmobile fun in Madarao Tangram Ski Circus

Snowmobile Licence

Who cares if you only use it for a day. Get your Yamaha snowmobile licence. It’s damned fun and looks great on any resume.

Soba is delicious

Soba Noodle Cooking Class

Ever wonder how the Japanese make soba? You can learn this centuries-old culinary craft by attending a special workshop known as Soba-Uchi right in the heart of Madarao.

Your sensei Ogawa san owner of Tokyos famous Maroudo Soba. You will learn the craft from Ogawa sensei or his son who is a master in his own right.

downhill bike night ride at Togari Onsen Japan

Downhill Night Cycle

It doesn't happen often but when it does, make sure you’re part of Togari Onsen’s Downhill Bike night ride. Book ahead for this popular out there activity.

Hand making paper is an ancient Japanese tradition

Traditional Papermaking

Made from snow-bleached mulberry bark, Uchiyama Washi is famous for its quality, strength and beauty. Under the guidance of local artisans, create your own handmade paper artwork - or just purchase from the professionals.

You will find the gorgeous work of Uchiyama paper in Snowball Chalet and Snowman Apartments.

There is an opportunity to add Maguse Onsen to this tour.

Dining in the Kamakura snow huts in the winter

Kamakura Festival Iiyama

The Kamakura (snow Igloo) Festival boasts a fairytale atmosphere under the stars. Book early to share a delicious noroshinabe (hot pot) with your friends and family, in your own lantern-illuminated snow hut.

Stunning sake cups

Sake Brewery Tour

The quality of Iiyama’s rice and pristine waters make local sake offerings “more delicious by the glass”, as promised by 6th-generation brewery president Ryuta Tanaka. Tour local breweries and taste for yourself!

Iiyama ice sculpture of a dragon

Iiyama Snow Festival

While not on the grand scale of Sapporo's Ice Festival, this local cultural treat in February still offers ice sculptures, food, processions, music, games, performances, shopping and a snow-load of Japanese charm.

The amazing dolls of the Mayumi Doll museum in Iiyama

Mayumi Doll Art Museum

Be immersed in this serene little museum of life-like dolls, representing rural life in Japan. Famed local artist Mayumi Takahashi captures human poses, expressions, gestures and scenes with incredible grace. Enjoy tea and cake in the lovely café afterwards.

Fat bike on snow in Iiyama region

Fat Bikes on Snow

If you’re looking for some off-mountain activity, hop on a fat bike in Iiyama! Cruise in the snow along the Chikuma River (Japan’s longest), around Castle Ruins Park, or wherever your fat wheels take you...

Beautiful dragon on one of the temples in Iiyama

Temple Tour

Step back in time along the Temple Promenade as you visit Iiyama’s 20+ temples and shrines. It’s a fascinating experience for those exploring Japan’s Shinto and Buddhist origins, or those just out for a zen cruise.

Jofukuji temple meditation

Jofukuji Temple Meditation

Join the monks of Jofukuji Temple for Buddhist meditation, a perfect antidote to the fast paced life of the city and non-stop mountain action.

Metal engraving in Iiyama

Metal Art Class

Learn copper engraving under the steady instruction of one of Iiyama City's master craftsmen.

Snow Monkeys bathing in the onsen hot spring

Snow Monkeys and Forest Walk

Join the tour to The wonderful Jigokudani snow monkeys. The famous monkeys have been warming themselves in volcanic hot springs for centuries and seeing them is one of the best experiences in the country. It makes for an easy, fantastic half day trip from Madarao.

Maguse Onsen hot spring. Stunning sunset from the pool

Maguse Mountain Onsen and Nozawa Village Stroll

Maguse Onsen is considered to be one of the best onsens in Japan. Soak in the hot healing waters of Maguse onsen while you gaze down the serene valley. This onsen is the embodiment of Japanese zen.

We also visit the lovely town of Nozawa Onsen for a village stroll. It's a lovely town that is really worth seeing. Don't forget to try the steamed apple dumplings.

Gorgeous Shibu Onsen village stroll

Onsen Towns

Shibu Onsen and Yudanaka Onsen are the gorgeous spa towns close to the Snow Monkeys. Enjoy cobbled streets, traditional ryokans, Japanese couples dressed in traditional finery and of course a soak in the glorious, healing waters of the local onsens.

The blue waters of Tsubame Onsen perched on the side of Mount Myoko

Tsubame Hidden Onsen

This is just a teaser. It’s impossible to get to this magnificent mountain onsen in the winter. If you do find a way, you’ll never want to leave. Surrounded by bamboo forests and frozen waterfalls, there's nothing quite like this anywhere in the world.

Iiyama Lantern Festival on Buddhist Altar Street

Buddhist Altar Street

A lovely street in Iiyama where the artisans make Buddhas and other religious iconography.

The architecture of the Iiyama Cultural Center is

Natura Cultural Hall

This magnificent architectural attraction is worth a visit when in Iiyama, if even to sit in the lobby admiring the space. Its a first-class community centre with auditoriums, event spaces, music studio and regular events and performances.

Gorgeous handmade papers at Inada Paper Store on Buddhist Altar Street

Inada Paper Store

Not just a shop… an experience. Wonder at the exquisite paper artworks by the shop owner’s wife, chat to her husband as he slowly makes his way around the store, then spend a pretty penny on a pile of perfect, priceless handmade paper.

Hoon around on Snowmobiles and get your licence.

Madarao Snowmobiles

Both Madarao and Tangram offer snowmobiles if you want a break from skiing powder in the trees (it can happen). You can zip off on snowmobile tours at Madarao or go solo at Tangram (suitable for kids of most ages!).

Dragon mural on the ceiling of the temple

Chuonji Temple Dragon

Founded in 1559 and rebuilt in 1733 after fire, this temple has a long family history demonstrated by its cemetery holding generations of feudal lord families. But it is the dragon artwork on the roof that draws people in, craning their necks for a golden glimpse.

The lovely tatami room in Madarao where yoga is performed

Yoga in Madarao

Create a moment to unwind at our Yin and Hatha Yoga classes in Madarao, held at the Madarao Visitor Centre. Enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains while practicing yoga on comfortable tatami floors. Find your next yoga class below, and secure your mat by booking in advance.