Dylan covered by snow on a big heelside turn

When 20 centimeters of snow falls and it is time to go home...

When 20 centimeters of the most perfect light dry snow falls from the heavens and it is still absolutely dumping and you are leaving Madarao and Snowball Chalet the devastation sets in. Then you realise you are saved... You don't need to be at the airport until later and Snowball Chalet is close by Bullet Train so you don't have to be on your way until 4pm. You boot up, strap in and drop into the perfect lines Madarao has to offer.

That was yesterday's story. The Adler group and the Jan group found out the easy way that Madarao is perfect in those kind of conditions. Every single person in each of the two groups came back to Snowball Chalet with huge smiles on their faces because they knew they were given a gift and the snow just kept on falling.

We finished yesterday with 35 centimetres of the white stuff. The new groups that arrived at Snowball Chalet were in heaven all day and we just keep on loving this place.

Today is stunning blue bird, deeeeep pockets of powder everywhere and a lot more snow in the forecast. Yes Madarao Yes!

Pic today of Snowball Chalet's Dylan Louli reminding us what it looks like from inside a face shot...

Posted on Thu 17 January 2019