Snowboarder in the white room with powder snow everywhere

The snow here is insane and Madarao Mountain Resort is open!!!

After yesterday's morning snow report it snowed moderately for most of the day with a short period of an hour in the afternoon with no snow. We probably scored another 20-30 cm's bringing yesterday's 24 hour (7pm to 7pm) total to 70-80 cm's.

This morning we are astonished to see another 30-50cm's more and it is snowing super heavy right now. The temp is -4°C in the snow garden at Snowball Chalet

It is so hard to fathom the sensational quality of light dry snow in the volumes it descends from the heavens here in Japan. The snow here is so light you can walk through waste deep snow with very little effort on flat ground. Once the terrain gets steeper though it becomes super hard because you end up not being able to create a foot hold because the snow has such a huge amount of air it is hard to create a platform to step upwards. This means on the way down you end up in the white room with every turn... Faceshot - Faceshot - Faceshot - Snorkel - Faceshot (repeat).

Pic from today is actually from last year. We haven't had a chance to edit pics from this snow fall yet... (Sorry but snowboarding is paramount)

Posted on Sat 15 December 2018