Powder pieces flying at Dan while snowboarding at Madarao Mountain.

Ok... Now this is just silly. 76cm's on the lawn at Snowball Chalet

The accommodation at Snowball Chalet is slowly disappearing as it is being buried by snow. We can no longer see the Snowball Chalet logo on the wall 3 meters above the ground. You can now step off the second floor balcony onto snow. It is unbelievable.

And then we get 76 centimeters of pow pow overnight and Madarao has lit up like a christmas tree. There are fresh lines everywhere and there will be for days. The snow here is producing face shots at every turn. It is just crazy fun to ride in.

Pic today me being attacked by flying powder pieces. It is proper fun riding here. It gets steep and is so deep. Woot woot.

Posted on Sun 27 January 2019