Pascal making a huge powder turn in the trees

Did it snow again? Yep. Will it keep snowing? Yep!

Waking up to another 25cm's of fresh light dry perfect powder makes us happy... Every single time.

Yesterday was so totally perfect. I did a backhand snap that blew my mind. Got to ride with one of our guests Pascal who tore the tree runs apart and we found a totally new area that a whole season of exploration last year had never revealed. I love yesterday and today is going to be just as good. Go Madarao Go.

People often ask me if 7 days or two weeks in Madarao is too long. The answer is a simple no. At the end of a whole season of riding last year we were still finding magic on the mountain we had never seen before. And then yesterday more. The terrain on the mountain is vast because all the tree runs are open. Madarao is unique in Japan and we love it!

Still more snow on the way. It is snowing moderately now with exactly no wind. In other words perfect conditions and it will stay perfect all day.

Pic today is Pascal proving people from Montana can ski! (Pascal did double eject about 3 seconds after this shot and do a front flip into a powder pillow. Was funny :) )

Posted on Thu 03 January 2019