A white Christmas at Snowball Chalet means Dan had to wear his Christmas jumper.

A white christmas in Madarao Mountain Resort

Merry Xmas everyone. We so wish all our guests had presents under our tree and we would be celebrating with all the kids.
We love watching them open all their Chrissy presents and it is even better when it is a white Christmas and today is a white Christmas.

We woke up to 15 centimetres and it has been snowing heavily ever since. Now there is 30 centimetres. The forecast for the whole day was 46 so we will go well past that because most of the snow fall was supposed to be tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be proper epic on Mount Madarao because the whole mountain will be open for the first time. The base is well over 2 metres so every part of the resort is rideable.

There is no time more than Christmas we miss family and friends and this year is about as hard is it will get for many. For all those of you who are struggling we are thinking of you. Next year simply has to be better than 2020. Hang in there and never hesitate to reach out if you need to talk. We are always on Facebook Messenger and are here for a chat.

Today's pic is Dan's terrible Christmas Jumper...

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Posted on Fri 25 December 2020