The beautiful view from Snowball Chalet's new dining room up to snow covered Madarao Mountain

First Snow Report for 2022-23 Season!!!

So excited to do our first snow report for the season and our fantastic guests will finally be able to come here and play with us in the snowy magic of Madarao.

So far through November and December we have had a few small snowfalls, even 2 days ago we got 10cm on the front lawn of Snowball Chalet and Snowman Apartments but this time the snow gods doubled down and delivered a lovely crop of fresh white fluffy snowy joy. With 20cm on the front lawn 3 days ago will be the last time we see the grass until the spring thaw in April.

Today we will be starting up the snow blower and clearing snow. You can't wait a day here because if you get behind with snow clearing you simply never catch up :)

We will have light snow today - kyo, tomorrow - ashita and the day after tomorrow - asate (anyone interested in learning a few Japanese weather words?). Saturday will be clear and we expect Sunday to deliver heavy falls with plenty in the long term forecast.

It looks like being a great start to the season. Can't wait to click in for the first time this season and for all the favourite runs to open up.

Posted on Wed 14 December 2022