Madarao Mountain from the balcony of Snowball Chalet. Perfection.

Blue bird perfection today and the mountain opens tomorrow

Today the weather went a beautiful blue. Madarao Mountain looked like an icing covered cake without a single blemish. Just perfect un ridden snow staring at us all day.

Temp in the village got to about 1 degree colder on the mountain. There was almost no wind. Just glorious.

It started snowing lightly again tonight and it will get thicker as the night wares on. We managed to dig out the cars, Snowball Chalet and the Yurt AKA Luxury Suite. We turned on the heating and within a few minutes the snow on the roof slid burying the tractor. Woops. Classic rookie error.

Will be riding pow tomorrow again :) Sunday we will head to Togakushi a super fun resort about an hour away.

Pic today Madarao Mountain in all it's glory...

Posted on Fri 18 December 2020