Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour

The Film Tour

Snowball Chalet is lucky to be the major sponsor for the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour 2018.

The Film Tour is a celebration of inspirational women who aren't afraid to get dirty, explore the world, push and break down boundaries and pursue adventure to the ends of the earth.

Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour screens 2 hours of the most inspirational, heartwarming and entertaining films celebrating women in adventure from independent filmmakers around the globe.

The Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour includes a unique selection of films of varying lengths and styles covering topics relevant to women in the outdoors who aren’t afraid to get dirty in their pursuit of adventure.

The 2018 tour will screen over 20 times around Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

We are running a competition to give away passes for the Film Tour... Check out Enter to Win Tickets to the Film Tour to enter.

To buy tickets head to Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour Tickets

Snowball Chalet Women's Tour

We are thinking about running a women's tour to Snowball Chalet. It will take up the whole lodge and will be an amazing opportunity for adventurous women to meet, snowboard and ski, eat amazing Japanese food and spend time immersing themselves in the incredible Japanese culture.

The tour will include snowboarding and skiing in the amazing Japow (Japanese powder snow), lessons for those who want/need them, back country tours for the intermediate and advanced riders, a Snow Monkey tour to see the incredible Japanese macaques bathing in the onsens (hot spings) at Jigokudani. We can also visit stunning temples in the area and experience amazing Maguse Onsen which has one of the best onsen views in Japan and yoga... lots and lots of yoga. We could also arrange for a masseuse to visit every day for those that want a little extra pampering.

If you would be interested in or know women who would be interested in doing a tour like this then get in touch with us to let us know. We have 11 rooms and could either do it as private rooms or as shared rooms dependent on what people prefer or even a combination of both.

Posted on Wed 13 June 2018


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