Inspiration for the design of Snowball Apartments

Designing Snowball Apartments has started...

We are so excited to let you know about our next adventure‚Ķ Snowball Apartments. 

Some of you already know that we have a second block of land right next door to Snowball Chalet. We have decided to develop nine fabulous luxury apartments each with a traditional Japanese bath on the deck looking out over gorgeous Mount Madarao and surrounds.

There are 2 x three bedroom, 2 x two bedroom apartments and 1 x one bedroom apartments available for sale. It looks like we have already sold 3 of them so we are looking for expressions of interest for the other 2. We will manage the apartments so you get the Snowball Chalet touch and make a nice return on your investment plus you can come and stay and relax in your own slice of heaven on the mountain. 

Our architect Charles Wright has started designing and will be working with our Japanese architect so we should start to have exciting things to share very soon. We now have our builder and our engineer lined up. The 1st draft of the feasibility study is done, the local council has been consulted and is very supportive of our plans. 

If you are interested in an apartment please make sure you reach out to us so we can share more details with you and put you on the list for an apartment. Just email Dan at

The building and interior design will follow the same attention to aesthetic detail and comfort you know and love at Snowball Chalet. We have found salvaged timber from 400 year old temples that will feature in the room interiors. Every apartment will have a log fire and of course it's own Japanese bath on the deck overlooking the mountain.

Luxury at Snowball Apartments on the deck of each apartment

Outdoor bath inspiration at dusk

Every apartment will have a Japanese bath on the deck so you can bathe outside watching the sun set over the mountain or have snow land on you while you soak. Perfection.

The internal roof design

The internal roof of Snowball Aprtments

Our Japanese builder is obsessed with bringing back Japanese building techniques and has a team of master craftsmen. This is one of his previous buildings in Nakano Shi near Madarao Mountain Resort.

Wood ties. Look closely it was signed by the original carpenter 400 years ago!

Wood salvaged from Japanese temple will be used in the construction

Japanese culture and tradition are being rescued by our builder. He salvages timber from demolished temples and farmhouses. Often the buildings are 400 year old. The apartments will feature many of these timbers and they will form structural elements within the building as well.

Wood detail. Square peg, round hole.

Detail of salvaged wood from 400 year old Japanese temlple

The artisanship of Japanese carpentry is second to none. The Japanese work to less than half millimeter tolerances. The work is stunning.

Posted on Sun 23 February 2020