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Check out Madarao Tours to organise tours right from the front door of Snowball Chalet or browse the self guided tours below...

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Tokyo Top Indie Fashion

Tokyo is a meca for cutting-edge design, fashion and indie shops. Head to Shibuya and Harajuku for the pick but look out for new hot spots such as Nakameguro, Kōenji, Shimokitazawa and Daikanyama.


Tokyo Character Street

This is more like an underground shopping centre than a street. If you need to haul home a bunch of Hello Kitty or Pokémon gifts, this is the place to be.


Tokyo Top Shops

Get the lowdown on the best shops in Tokyo. This top 100 list covers off everything from big brand bucket list stuff to secret hot spots hidden at the back of the 7th floor in that place you would NEVER find on your own.


Japanese Fashion

If you have a fashion obsession and a wad of yen, why not support the local economy and check out the top Japanese clothing brands making fashion waves throughout the world.


Tokyo Shopping Districts

Tokyo is famous for is shopping 'districts'. Obviously the 'ski' district is the best but basically if you can think of a genre you will find a city block or 2 dedicated to it... antiques, kimono, electronics, golf, toys, kitchenware, etc etc etc...


Antique Samurai Store

The title says it all. Peruse and buy stunning examples of restored authentic Samurai armour and artefacts. With an international reputation, expect to see avid samurai dealers, collectors and investors in the store.


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