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Tokyo Disney Castle

Tokyo Disney

Welcome to Japan’s version of every kid’s dream – Tokyo Disneyland! DisneySea is the pick of the 2 resorts (right next door to Disney Resort) and if you’re heading on the weekend or on a public holiday check out the fantastic Starlight Passport for entry at 3pm and embrace the dream and the madness as the lights go down.

Outside of the Edo-Tokyo Museum of

Edo-Tokyo Museum

This enormous Star Wars-like museum focuses on what life would have been like for Tokyoites during the Edo period and it is legitimately wonderful. Located next to the Sumo stadium and nearby Tokyo Skytree, it makes for a great triple-bill day.

Hello Kitty Shop

Tokyo Character Street

This is more like an underground shopping centre than a street. If you need to haul home a bunch of Hello Kitty or Pokémon gifts, this is the place to be.

Tokyo Lego Land. Perfect for kids.

Tokyo Legoland

This colour-crazy kiddie paradise features Miniland (a small lego version of Tokyo), games, factory tour, café, lego building, shop and a 4D cinema (you know, moving seats, wind blowing in your face, that kind of wacky thing).

The giant Ghibli Robot

Ghibli Museum

Tokyo's famous animation museum featuring the incredible work of Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli. A work of art in itself, the museum is west from central Tokyo and requires tickets to be booked in advance. Head here or try here or here with JTB Australia to make sure you don't miss out.

The awe inspiring Samurai uniforms of days gone by

Samurai Museum

Immerse yourself in Japanese Samurai culture. Battle with swords and see ancient Samurai artefacts and costumes. If you're not careful you may come away with your own Samurai Sword from the gift shop.

Rabbit being fed

Ra.a.g.f - Rabbit and Grow Fat Cafe

Cat cafes are so last year. Head to Ra.a.g.f. to enjoy petting these softest and sweetest of cuddly bunnies. Or google Harry Hedgehog Café. Because MAX CUTENESS.

One Piece life size toy

One Piece Tower

Immerse yourself in Japan's One Piece world, located at Tokyo Tower. For die hard manga fans it is totally epic! If you don't know One Piece, you may still enjoy checking out the ultimate in classic kid-teen manga culture.

One Piece Site (Click the title above for bookings)

Kabuki performer in mask

Kabuki-za Theater

Kabuki is an ancient cultural tradition of over-the-top dance drama theatre. If you don’t have the time (or patience) for a full performance, arrive 60-90 mins before a show to snap up a one-act ticket (and a translation device). Cheap, quick, great for kids. And awesome.