Togari Onsen

24 hour Weather

Issued: 23/01/2019

Time: 12:00

Snowfall: 18 cm's

Min temp: -8°c / 17°f

Max temp: 2°c / 35°f

Max wind: 23 km/h

Togari Onsen is the perfect day trip ski resort on weekends when the snow is good.

As the crowds descend on Nagano's ski resorts on the weekends it pays to get off the beaten track and Togari Onsen is high on the list with excellent snow and super fun terrain...

Togari get's plenty of snow and is little known so it ticks the boxes. With a decent vertical it has more than enough to ensure you get the powder turns you deserve.

The resort is divided into two sections. The top has some really fun fall line powder courses and the bottom has expansive runs down rice paddies with little terraced drops.

There is no English speaking ski school here and good rental gear is very limited.

Togari does face the sun so mornings are best and you definitely want to come here when the temps are cold and the snow is snowing.

On warmer days caution needs to be exercised as there are slides occasionally and you should not go off the open courses. You definitely shouldn't go off course unless you have avalanche training and all the gear including beacons, shovel and probe at the least... We ride with Black Diamond Jetforce Airbags here.

Snowball Chalet will run day tours from Madarao here when the snow conditions are just right... Can you tell we love this place?

Resort Stats


Altitude Top: 1050m

Altitude Bottom: 400m

Vertical: 650m

Terrain Split: Trees, Groomers and untouched powder everywhere

Annual Snowfall: 10m

English Speaking Ski School: No

Ski Lifts:

Quad: 4

Twin: 3

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Weather overview OverviewPartly Cloudy Skies folowed by Heavy SnowPatchy Light Snow folowed by Patchy Light SnowSunny Skies folowed by Heavy SnowModerate Snow folowed by Heavy SnowPatchy Light Snow folowed by Clear SkiesLight Snow folowed by Patchy Light Snow
Total Snow for the 24 hours Total Snow18 cm's0 cm's12 cm's26 cm's0 cm's10 cm's
Daily minimum temperature Min Temp-8°c / 17°f-7°c / 19°f-7°c / 19°f-8°c / 17°f-6°c / 21°f-7°c / 19°f
Daily maximum temperature Max Temp2°c / 35°f-6°c / 21°f-4°c / 24°f-7°c / 19°f-2°c / 28°f-1°c / 30°f
Todays snowfall total Max Wind Speed 23 km/h23 km/h16 km/h22 km/h12 km/h29 km/h


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