24 hour Weather

Issued: 24/03/2019

Time: 00:00

Min temp: -5°c / 23°f

Max temp: 3°c / 37°f

Max wind: 14 km/h

Kijimadaira is a hidden gem a hop skip and a jump away from Madarao and Nozawa Onsen.
It's pretty much a guaranteed pathway to fresh powder on account of it not being on the radar.

Kijimadaira also has some of the steepest terrain in the Northern Nagano region.

You need to pick your days here as it doesn't receive as much snow as some of the other ski resorts but when it is on it is really on.

An excellent resort for snow boarders who desperately crave entry into the white room. On the right day snorkels are mandatory especially in the steep sections.

The resort is nowhere near as crowded as Nozawa Onsen so makes a great alternative if you are prepared to explore a little.

Resort Stats


Altitude Top: 1271m

Altitude Bottom: 475m

Vertical: 796m

Terrain Split: Powder Heaven!

Annual Snowfall: 11m

English Speaking Ski School: No

Ski Lifts:

Quad: 2

Twin: 5

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Daily maximum temperature Max Temp3°c / 37°f5°c / 41°f7°c / 44°f8°c / 46°f6°c / 42°f4°c / 39°f
Todays snowfall total Max Wind Speed 14 km/h14 km/h20 km/h19 km/h26 km/h13 km/h


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